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The enemy is currently, the pony head corner guards are

Indianapolis Tima Tarios Tower – Davis Vontae Davis is resumed, and plans to come back to Houston Texas this week. Davis participated in the training of local time on Wednesday, although it was in a red training suit that symbolizes no confrontation, cheap nfl jerseys from china but he has already showed a very good competitive state.

At present, the team has already opened the green light in Davis, wholesale cheap jerseys outlet and he can play as scheduled as long as the cerebral shock detection of the alliance. Davis suffered a brain shocked in Washington’s red skin game on November 30 local time, which forced him to absent the game last week with Cleveland Brown. Chuck Pagano, wholesale cheap jerseys outlet the team, revealed that Davis participated in the training of local time on Thursday.

Pagano said: “Today, he is good, we have a more specific understanding of his situation. We plan to participate in confrontation in tomorrow’s training, let him wear armor to find a feeling. I believe this He is not a problem. “If you can overcome Texas, Pony will lock the partition champion in advance.


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