AirPods Pro 2 with 2x greater noise cancellation shine in clever new Apple ad

Apple released its latest ad for its popular AirPods Pro 2 headphones. The one-minute commercial uses a creative metropolitan visualization to tout how well the wireless headphones block out external sounds with improved active noise cancellation.

Apple shared the new “Quiet the noise” AirPods Pro 2 ad on its YouTube channel this morning focused on the improvement in noise cancellation compared to the original AirPods Pro. The feature isn’t new (or changed) but Apple is highlighting it as it’s a core feature of the super-popular earbuds.

The new AirPods Pro. Up to 2x more Active Noise Cancellation than the previous generation.

The clever ad shows all sorts of people, vehicles, and more floating in the air around a city to represent how AirPods Pro 2 noise cancellation provides separation from environmental sound. When it’s turned off, everything collapses to the ground with all of the audible commotion bursting through.

Pairing nicely with the theme, Apple has used Tkay Maidza’s cover of the Pixies’ “Where is my Mind?”

Along with 2x better active noise cancellation, AirPods Pro 2 feature an improved charging case with lanyard loop, speaker, and Find My tracking, plus adaptive transparency, Bluetooth 5.3, H2 chip, and more.

For a closer look at AirPods Pro 2 vs the original, check out our full comparison:

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