Acer’s Enduro Urban N3 brings the latest specs into a rugged laptop

Acer expanded its lineup of rugged Enduro devices today with the announcement of the Acer Enduro Urban N3 notebook and Enduro Urban T1 tablet. The Enduro Urban N3 is a 14-inch Windows-based laptop, while the Enduro Urban T1 is a 10-inch Android tablet. Both devices feature rugged designs that should withstand quite a bit of abuse. The Enduro Urban N3 will be available in June starting at $800.

Focusing on the Enduro Urban N3, it has respectable internals that you don’t always see on rugged devices. It runs on up to an 11th Gen Intel Core i7 processor and Intel Iris Xe graphics. Based on its specs, it could earn a spot on our list of the best rugged laptops. The Enduro Urban N3 meets military-grade durability certifications, but Acer has not specified which tests it passes at this time.

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In my Acer Enduro T1 review I got to review a rugged tablet from Acer’s Enduro lineup. In my testing with the Enduro T1 from last year, I dropped it on concrete, covered it in sand, and covered it in water. Without knowing the exact specs of the Enduro Urban N3, we can’t say how it will stand up to similar testing. It does, however, appear ruggedized, and we know it passes military-grade durability tests.

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