Acer is the latest to get into the e-bike market

Computer maker Acer has entered the e-bike market.


Acer (yes, that Acer) is entering the e-bike market with the ebii, and it’s quite the debut.

Acer might be a name that you’re more familiar with when it’s playing in the PC and laptop space, but it’s now making a go at the world of e-bikes. Its first attempt promises a maximum assisted speed of 20mph and its battery is good for around 70 miles on a full charge.

Engadget reports that the battery will take around 2 hours and thirty minutes to go from zero to 100 per cent, but that isn’t the party trick. That’s the fact that the very same charger used to power the ebii can also be used to charge phones and laptops, too.


Acer’s selling the ebiiGO app as a bit of a one-stop shop for all things ebii, it seems. That’s where you’ll go to see your bike’s battery level for example, while things like recommended routes are also offered there. It’s also where you’ll need to go to lock and unlock the bike, although it’ll automatically lock itself whenever the connected phone gets too far away.

Couple that last feature with an anti-theft alarm and your ebii should be pretty safe. Which might be a good thing because Acer isn’t saying how much this thing will cost. That might suggest that Acer is preparing us for a spot of sticker shock here, but we might be overthinking things.

Unfortunately, that isn’t the only question mark hanging over the ebii – we don’t know when it’ll go on sale, either.

All that aside, the ebii definitely looks like an interesting entry into the e-bike market. It comes with collision detection sensors and more lights than a Christmas tree. You’ll also benefit from the airless tyres that will ensure you never have to deal with the most annoying thing any road user can deal with – a flat.

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