A decade of email security

Flaws in email security are a leading cause of cybersecurity attacks for many organizations. Whether it’s ransomware, business email compromise (BEC) attacks, or a phishing email that leads to cybercriminals gaining access to sensitive data, email is the common denominator.

About the author

Peter Goldstein, chief technology officer and co-founder, Valimail.

According to Google, the average phishing campaign lasts only 12 minutes, making traditional tracing or blocking specific servers less effective and stopping attacks more challenging than ever. Stopping phishing attacks during the global pandemic is even more vital, as we’ve seen email use increase coupled with work from home, creating an even bigger attack surface, This has encouraged hackers to use email as a primary attack vector. Out of all the many vulnerabilities, unauthenticated email domains allowing bad actors to impersonate a person or an organization are the most common, along with being highly unethical, and extremely difficult to detect.

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