6 ways Diablo 4 is going to rule your life

The wait is almost over, Diablo 4 , the long-awaited fourth title in the legendary action RPG series, finally releases on June 6, and it feels like Christmas is coming early for Diablo fans.

For newcomers to the genre or the franchise, this is the opportunity to discover one of the most addictive games ever made. But be warned, Diablo 4 is not just a game you can play casually. It will consume your every waking moment and haunt your every sleeping one.

It’s a game that will make you forget who you are and what you care about. It’s a game that will make you sell your soul to the Lord of Terror. Don’t believe us? Here are six ways Diablo 4 will completely take over your life:

1. You start dreaming about Diablo 4 every night

You lie awake for hours wondering if you made the right decision when choosing your weapon imbuements. Shadow has a lot of damage and makes enemies explode on death, it’s the no-brainer choice, but Poison is more fun right? It looks cool.

Aren’t you playing this game for fun? “NO!” the demons in your head cry, we must be EFFICIENT! And efficiency is everything in this game. You can’t afford to waste any time or resources when you’re facing the endless hordes of hell. Every second counts, every decision matters, every loot drop could be the one that makes or breaks your build. Will you ever take down Ashava if you’re not efficient?

Cartman playing Diablo 4

Ashava getting pwned by Cartman  (Image credit: Future)

You reach for your phone and open the Diablo subreddits, hoping to find some guidance or inspiration from other players. You scroll through posts about builds, tips, secrets, and lore, but nothing seems to satisfy you. You want to know the definitive answer, the ultimate truth, the best way to play the game. But there is no such thing. There are only opinions, preferences, and trade-offs. You feel lost and confused.

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