6 things you may have missed from Apple’s Spring Loaded Event

It was a bumper hour-long Apple launch event today, with the Cupertino company’s Apple Spring Loaded event introducing loads of new products and features to its existing slate of software and applications.

From slick new M1 iMacs to a revamped Apple TV 4K box, it ran the gauntlet from entertainment to work and business, with a showcase that seemed keen to acknowledge the shift many of its customers have made to a new work-from-home routines.

But alongside the big computing and iPad Pro 2021 launches, there were some smaller, but still significant announcements made by CEO Tim Cook and his team of developers, engineers and marketeers. Here are six things you may have missed among the bombardment of announcements – and one secret reveal that Apple kept outside of its event altogether… 

Apple Podcasts Subscriptions

(Image credit: Apple / Future)

Apple Podcasts app gets redesigned and adds subscription options

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