4A Games offers update on the next Metro amid Ukraine war, releases SDK

What you need to know

  • Metro Exodus developer 4A Games has shared a studio update with fans, discussing what it’s like to develop games in the midst of Russia’s war of aggression in Ukraine while also mentioning its plans for the next Metro game.
  • The Ukrainian studio is doing as much as it can to support its developers, many of which are doing volunteer work or serving in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
  • 4A says that the story of the next Metro game is changing as a result of the ongoing war and the daily lived experiences of the studio’s staff, with the developers embracing themes of power, tyranny, and repression and “weaving them into the game with a renewed purpose.”
  • The developer has also released Metro Exodus’ software development kit (SDK), giving fans the ability to create mods and standalone content as long as they don’t try to sell it or use it commercially.

Since Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine began last year, its citizens have been subject to the invader’s frequent and devastating attacks on civilian infrastructure. Among those affected are the individuals working at Ukrainian game development studios like STALKER 2’s GSC Game World and Metro Exodus’ 4A Games. Since the start of the conflict, many of these developers and their families have evacuated the cities and towns they call home to escape the danger of Russian missiles, bombs, and artillery strikes. Others remain trapped, forced to take shelter as Russian air raids target residential areas and energy sites, leaving many Ukrainians without power amid the freezing temperatures of winter. Some have joined the Armed Forces of Ukraine, bravely defending their homeland from its occupiers.

In a new blog post, 4A Games has provided an extensive studio update, discussing both the impact of the war.

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