How to Prefill Google Forms With Certain Answers


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If you want to create a Google Form with some answers already filled in, you can do this and send a unique link to your respondents. Rather than creating forms that are only slightly different, just use the prefill option.

When to Use Prefilled Google Forms

Let’s look at a few examples of how prefilled Google Forms could be useful.

Maybe you have a feedback form for a multi-day event. You want to send the form to a specific group who attended on a particular day. You could answer the question for the event on that day yourself, grab the link to that prefilled form, and share it with the respondents.

As another example, you may ask your students to do peer reviews. You can answer the question for the person’s name they are evaluating and send them that unique link. The student then simply answers the remaining questions.

For one more example, you may want to send a survey to a customer for the particular product they bought. For instance, maybe they bought a red hoodie in size large. You can prefill each of these product attribute questions on the survey and send that link. This way, the customer has a smaller number of questions to answer themself.

With each prefilled form, you receive a unique link. So, you can create several different prefilled forms from the same form. And all responses will still be recorded together.

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How to Prefill Google Forms

Open your form in Google Forms for editing. On the top right, click the three dots to view More options. Select “Get Pre-Filled Link.”

Select Get Pre-filled Link

When your form displays, answer the questions you want to prefill. Then, click “Get Link.”

Get Link and then Copy Link

At the bottom, you’ll see a message to obtain the link. Click “Copy Link” to put the URL on your clipboard and then paste it where needed. You’ll notice that the link contains your answer to the question as part of the syntax.

Google Forms prefilled link

If you want to prefill a different answer or another question on the same form, close the form after you obtain the link. Then follow the same process and get the next unique link.

When you send the prefilled link to a respondent, they simply pop it into their address bar or click it from the email, text message, or however you share it, just like the original form link. They’ll see the questions answered already and can complete the form as normal.

Prefilled form on Google Forms

Note: Respondents can change the answer you prefill. So, you may want to let them know that you’ve already provided answers to some questions for them.

Using prefilled Google Forms with unique links is a good way to alter the same form slightly to fit your needs without having to create separate forms. Plus, you can use branching logic with the prefilled forms too.

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