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Activision, Raspberry Pi Foundation

We’re all big fans of the Raspberry Pi microcomputer, but have you ever tried reading Wireframe magazine? It’s a gaming magazine published under Raspberry Pi Press, and its authors regularly explain how to recreate classic games in Python and Pygame Zero.

If you’re an up-and-coming game developer or a bit fan of classic PC and console titles, Wireframe can give you a head start in understanding how to build the landscape engine from Lords of Midnight, the strange attack patterns from Galaxian, and even the frustrating controls from Skate or Die.

Wireframe's recreated version of 'Skate or Die'
Wireframe, Raspberry Pi Foundation

Now, for legal and moral reasons, I’m not going to photocopy the work of Wireframe’s Mark Vanstone. But I don’t have to, because the Raspberry Pi Foundation regularly shares these tutorials on its website for free!

Here are some retro gaming tutorials featured in Wireframe and shared on the Pi Foundation’s blog:

If you enjoy these guides, I strongly suggest reading Wireframe magazine. Subscriptions aren’t very expensive, and you can download a free PDF of this month’s issue if you’d like to give the magazine a quick look.

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