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(Pocket-lint) – Absolutely countless people the world over have had their working lives turned upside down over the last couple of years. Working from home used to be a fairly niche way to run your professional life, but in a short space of time, it’s almost become the default in many industries.

While there are loads of positives that come with that sort of change, one of the downsides for many people has been that they don’t have the right equipment to work comfortably at home. Getting a good chair, for example, can make a massive difference throughout your working day. mfavour’s range of chairs is superb, and we’ve picked out one of its models that could really improve your comfort levels, whether you need a chair to work in all day, or just one for an occasional stint in the study. Check out what makes it so impressive, below.


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Completely adjustable

The biggest thing that can make a chair annoying to sit on for a whole working day is not being able to adjust it – after all, we’re each individual and our bodies are all different. So, being expected to work all day on a chair that’s only intended for brief rests will generally result in soreness that can develop into a real problem over time.

mfavour’s chair is designed with ergonomic comfort as a top priority and has eight different areas that you can adjust, from armrests to back support, seat height and neck rest positioning. This means that with a few simple and easy adjustments you can find yourself sitting in a position that’s way more comfortable – freeing you up to concentrate on your actual work instead of your neck or back pain.

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Another big factor when it comes to making sure a chair is comfortable comes down to what it’s made out of. Fabric is great for comfort, as is foam, but too often these can be used thoughtlessly and result in a chair that’s comfortable but quickly gets stuffy or sweaty.

That’s why mfavour has used breathable materials throughout the chair, including prominently on its back, to make sure that you’re never smothered by it, and can feel light and free all day, rather than building up heat over time.

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Super comfortable seat

Of course, it’s all well and good that the chair is adjustable and made of complex materials, but at the end of the day there are some basic things that need to be overcome, and one of the biggest comes down to the actual seat.

After all, most of your weight will be on the seat and it had better be comfortable itself, right? mfavour has used a W-shape to carefully mould the seat to be as comfortable as possible and added a waterfall-style design at the front to make sure your legs are comfortable as well. The high-density sponge that it’s got for cushioning also stays great to sit on even after multiple hours.

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Back support that can change to suit you

The other key area that most people will know about from their own chairs is back support, and mfavour has done great work on this side of things. Its chair features excellent lumbar support that you can tweak to be exactly how you need it.

A simple dial lets you raise or sink your back support by a 5cm variation, which is really generous, and it means you can quickly and easily change how you want to sit without needing a toolbox. On top of that, the lumbar support can move forward or backwards by 3cm, which means that you have total control over where your back support rests.

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Heavy duty

Finally, you need to be able to sit on your home office chair for long periods of time without worrying that it’s not well made enough to bear your weight. mfavour has built its chair to be able to support up to a massive 150kg of weight, so you shouldn’t be in any sort of bother.

This is thanks to sturdy rolling legs, which also make it really easy to move around as you work, if you’ve got a bigger desk.

These are just a selection of the reasons why mfavour’s chair is so impressive, but the real proof is obviously in the sitting. So order one now and you could be living a way more comfortable professional life very soon.


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