29 awesome Lego-themed Instagram accounts worth following


(Pocket-lint) – Love for Lego is pretty much universal, but some take that passion for building and creating into new and wonderful places with the help of a well-aimed lens.

We’ve been combing through Instagram to find photographers with a passion for Lego who add new life and interest to the awesome mini toys.


Legojacker is an enthusiastic Lego photographer from Canberra, Australia. This account is full of brilliant shots of Lego characters in all kinds of locations and situations. If you want a break from the usual travel bloggers, foodies and influencers on Instagram, then Legojacker is certainly well worth a follow. 

How often do you get to see Darth Vader riding a bicycle?

Nathan Sawaya

Nathan Sawaya is one Lego enthusiast with some serious talent (and patience). This man was once a New York based corporate lawyer, but is now a world touring Lego exhibitionist. 

He has created some awe-inspiring works for unique worldwide exhibitions that have won him several awards. You can get a taste of the awesome Lego creations this man puts together on his Instagram account. 


Quadradical creates “little worlds” with close-up Lego photography and a healthy dash of imagination. 

This Instagram account is packed full of a wide variety of snaps in a multitude of brilliantly colourful and interesting locations. It often features little Lego people captured alone in the middle of some action rather than full-blown Lego creations. We’re impressed by just how much variety Quadradical manages and are sure you will be too. 


PokipsieBrick is one Lego photography account that should serve as inspiration for anyone else considering getting into Instagramming Lego themselves.

His images are much more down to earth and feature Lego scenes you could easily capture in your own home too.


Uberhusband is a German Lego lover who enjoys snapping and sharing images of Lego figures at the beach, in the urban streets or just in unusual locations.

Lego Batman makes a regular appearance alongside plenty of other of your favourite characters. 



Harleyquin, aka InkBlot, is a proud New Zealand geek with an eye for macro Lego photography. Her posts most often focus on the Lego models and characters themselves rather than their surroundings. 

These images certainly highlight just how brilliant Lego creations are and why we love them.


Looking for an account with a little more action? Then Tuglakafasi might be it. This Lego photographer uses clever photography and some trickery to create scenes where the models appear to come to life. 

They’re often seen getting up to various hilarious adventures in the real world. We really enjoy this account for the way they compose shots and add life to otherwise inanimate toys. 


Sean Kenney

Sean Kenney is undeniably a dab hand with Lego. He creates some fairly awesome builds quite often with thousands of Lego pieces. This Honda Civic creation, for example, used 47,786 Lego pieces and took a whopping 263 hours to complete. 

If you want to see some incredible creations, then this is the account to follow. 


Jacksimonp is another artist with a talent for creating some action-packed scenes with the help of some Lego, a camera and a little dash of Photoshop magic.

This account doesn’t post too regularly, which is a shame as the art is awesome and well worth looking through. 

Lego Travellers

Ever wondered what it might be like if some Lego characters came to life and decided to run their own travel blog via Instagram?

Lego Travellers might be the closest you’ll get to that experience.  Certainly a nice break from the usual travellers on Instagram at any rate. 


Samsofy is a French professional artist who’s been dabbling in art with toys, plasticine and plastic since 2007.

As you might imagine, their art is pretty impressive and the account posts a brilliant variety of images some of which include Lego characters up to mischief. Like this one of the Joker setting a magnet trap for Batman. 


Zhihanzhihan is fairly different from the rest. This is one Instagram user who takes Lego to places they’ve never been before. Like Lego people heads inside a syringe. Weird, wonderful and wild. 


Mr. Brick

We like Mr. Brick’s ethos. His bio references the classic “if you build it they will come” quote and it seems to ring true as he has 23,000 followers and counting. 

Mr. Brick also posts regular photos with a multitude of characters making an appearance in the scene rather than individual heroes. 


Little Brick Pastoral

Little Brick Pastoral (littlebrickpast) is another unusual and slightly quirky account that we adore.

This account posts farm-based images with Lego models getting involved in the agricultural world. It’s designed to “celebrate Australian agriculture” so if you love farmers, country life and Lego too, then this is the account for you. 



First, we had Lego characters going travelling, now we’ve got one that’s obsessed with skiing. 

LegoSkierBro is the best account to follow if you want to see other people having a good time on the slopes. Sure, he might not be real, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t know how to have fun. 


Lukas Wiecek (Legodata) is a full-time geek, dance school found and passionate Lego photographer from Poland.

His account features all sorts of action-packed photos of Lego characters on the move. Brilliant effects and visuals add to the stories and help to create some brilliant works of art. 

Evie Laoun

If you don’t necessarily want to see all Lego, all the time, but would like to see it nicely mixed in with other photos then Evie Laoun (delire_lucide) is a great one to follow.

She’s a talented photographer who loves to travel and snaps some awesome shots of Lego wherever she happens to be. 


Andrew Morrey joined Instagram in 2013 (as CheepJokes) with the intention of using the social image sharing platform to help promote his stop motion Lego focussed YouTube channel. 

He then discovered that Instagram is packed full of people who love Lego. If you enjoy seeing Lego come to life, then this is the page to follow.   


Not blown away by standard Lego photography, action shots or macros? How about Lego in space or underwater.

Vesa Lehtimäki (Avanaut) is an illustrator, photographer and Lego Star Wars enthusiast who has a talent for creating some really atmospheric images with Lego front and centre. 


Julien (Ballou34) is an engineer, adult fan of Lego (AFOL) and French photographer. He creates some fantastic images with Lego figures in breathtaking backdrops and everyday locations too. 


If you’re more into buildings and architecture than people, then Sarah Beyer’s Instagram account is the one for you. 

Betweenbrickwalls features a multitude of different Lego constructions from beachside apartments to staggering towers. 


Blake Powell (Blvdbricks) is a Canadian Lego photographer who snaps deconstructed Lego creations on colourful backgrounds.

There’s something weirdly satisfying about the symmetry and presentation of his work and it’s certainly very different from the rest. 


Lee_je_hyung stakes claim to being the first Lego photographer in Korea. But that’s not what makes his account interesting in our mind. What’s interesting is the way he shows how the images were staged and captured. So you get to see a taste of what goes on behind the scenes. 

He also shows the inspiration for his work, with historical photos and summaries to explain the thought behind them. 


Eat_my_bricks is an Instagram account that doubles as a photo art project. Two photographers from Germany have been using their children’s Lego bricks to create all manner of brilliant art snippets with fantastic results. Expect all sorts of colourful creations with this one. 

Four bricks tall

If it wasn’t for the fact that all the photos are of Lego, you could be forgiven for thinking that Four bricks tall was a portrait photographer rather than a toy photographer. 

Their images often focus on close up shots of Lego characters and they’re always fantastic. 

Lego, Camera, ACTION!

mg499 has a flair for making Lego figures come to life with clever photography tricks, good lighting and an eye for detail that really makes for entertaining images. 

Lego goes to war

legotography1 is another Instagrammer who uses multiple Lego models to create a “scene” for our enjoyment. Here these little chaps look like they’re out in the countryside readying for war. 

The first Legoman on Mars?

mikepsg75 has created all sorts of fun images with Lego. From days out at the beach to soaring high in the sky as Batman, he’s done it all. 

But this might be one of our favourites, with a simple vision of what looks like the first Legoman on Mars. 

petr.shalin clearly has a lot of fun with close portrait photos and bokeh effect images of Lego people in a variety of locations. 

The results are pretty awesome. It’s amazing how simply adding a couple of Lego people in a raft to a calm body of water can tell a fun visual story. Assuming you can use your imagination of course. 

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