Roccat’s snazzy Torch microphone is built for gamers, streamers


(Pocket-lint) – The Torch is Roccat’s first studio-grade USB microphone and one that promises flawless sound that content creators will love.

This small, but snazzy-looking microphone has been designed with several gamer-pleasing features. The specs include the ability to capture 24-bit audio, latency-free monitoring and a built-in pop filter that should keep you sounding sweet.

Naturally being designed for streamers and gamers, the Torch also boasts some RGB lighting with dedicated lighting zones that react according to the settings. It also uses Roccat’s intelligent AIMO RGB lighting, something we’ve been big fans of in the past. 


Roccat says the Torch is built to capture a wide range of voice styles, from simple whispers to loud and heated in-game reactions, this microphone can handle them all. It also has three different pickup options, Cardioid, Stereo and Whisper – that can handle the quietest voices (ideal for ASMR creators). 

Other highlights include intelligent features like gesture activated and easy-to-use mixer controls without the hassle of installing drivers. Naturally, it’s boom arm mountable too, so you can get it up off the desk and in front of your web camera to show off your style. 

The Torch launches 15 August 2021 for an MSRP of $99.99/£89.99. Find out more about it here

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