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Prime Day is the ideal time to get your hands on expensive new tech, like a new NAS server. We’ve highlighted the best Prime Day NAS deals, but in this post I want to talk about the DiskStation DS220+. This is the best NAS for home, and for Prime Day, it’s getting its first sizeable discount.

The DiskStation DS220+ stands out for the hardware on offer, with Synology delivering meaningful upgrades over the DS218+. The NAS was unveiled last year for $300, and right now, you can pick it up for $240, $60 off its retail price. This is a big deal because Synology’s NAS servers don’t go on sale often; particularly the latest models. So if you’ve been waiting for Prime Day for a new NAS, this is the one to get.

The DiskStation DS220+ is an ideal choice if you’re coming from an older NAS or are thinking of getting your first enclosure. The NAS has two drive bays and can hold a total of 32TB storage. You will need to buy your own 3.5-inch hard drives, but the fact that it can accommodate 16TB drives in each bay ensures you can easily store your entire media collection directly on the NAS.

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Synology DiskStation DS220+Source: Apoorva Bhardwaj / Android Central

The internal hardware is exciting as well; the NAS is powered by an Intel Celeron J4025 chipset that’s 15% faster than the outgoing DS218+. And this time, you get dual Gigabit Ethernet connectivity; so you can use Link Aggregation in load balancing or failover modes; ideal for enthusiast users and businesses. You’ll also find 2GB of RAM out of the box — with the ability to add another 6GB — and there are two USB 3.2 connectors.

If you’re considering a NAS, you’re obviously interested in media streaming. The DS220+ excels in this area; the J4025 handles Plex transcoding, and while there are inherent challenges in transcoding 4K streams, the NAS does a decent enough job in this area. Most of the time, you’ll just be streaming content directly to target devices, and in this mode, the NAS easily delivers more than two simultaneous 4K streams without breaking a sweat.

Synology’s DiskStation Manager software also comes with an exhaustive array of software features, including a mail server, note taking client, VPN server, office productivity suite, and more. Synology has robust mobile clients for Android and iOS, allowing you to stream your media collection on the go as well.

Overall, the DS220+ is one of the best NAS enclosures you can buy today, and the Prime Day deal makes it just that little bit more enticing. However, if you think you’ll need more storage down the line, you can check out the DiskStation DS920+, also on sale. Here, you get four drive bays instead of two.

Synology DiskStation DS920+

Synology DiskStation DS920+ | 20% off at Amazon

The DiskStation DS920+ is a larger version of the DS220+; you get four drive bays, an even more powerful Intel Celeron J4125, and the ability to connect external drive bays to increase storage. If you see yourself needing more storage, get this instead.

$440 at Amazon

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