Best Prime Day Xbox Series X & Series S deals and restocks


Microsoft’s new Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S represent some of the best game consoles on the market in 2021, and although constrained by ongoing hardware shortages, there’s still stock floating around this Amazon Prime Day. The latest two-day deal extravaganza takes place on June 21 through June 22, with the new consoles expected to pop up at various retailers throughout the period.

The chance of deals on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S is relatively slim, especially for the former, with minimal stock for the best Xbox console, akin to the PlayStation 5. While the Xbox Series S isn’t freely available everywhere, we’re wider availability in some regions, providing a more affordable entry point into the latest generation of hardware.

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While Prime Day focuses on the mega-retailer, we also expect other stores to offer hefty savings and more likely to stock more Xbox consoles. Walmart, Best Buy, GameStop, and even Microsoft have their own limited-time savings this week, all tying into a busy week for online shopping. You just need to know how to identify the best deals at the right stores.

Buying an Xbox Series X would be the ultimate Prime Day score, with short supply seeing resale prices inflated above the usual retail price. While any Xbox Series S console delivers incredible value at its RRP, also keep an eye out for bundles, which could provide savings on various accompanying accessories.

The best stores for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S stock follow below, coupled with any deals available throughout the Amazon Prime Day window.

Best U.S. Prime Day Xbox Series X, Series S deals

With Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles steadily introduced across U.S. retailers, we’re hoping to see more stock available over the coming days. Xbox Series X stock will be quick to go at $499, making it crucial to keep an eye on retailer store listings to catch potential restocks. Xbox Series S stock remains a little easier to find at $299, albeit with some resellers still demanding higher-than-retail prices.

Best UK Prime Day Xbox Series X, Series S deals

While Xbox Series X has proven challenging to find in the UK at £449, Xbox Series S remains somewhat more accessible. Some UK retailers now have Xbox Series S in stock at the usual £249 RRP, with speedy shipping for those wanting to get started. Availability of Xbox Series X is a different story, with potential restocks likely to move fast.

We’ll continue to update this article with the latest on planned Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S restocks, and where to find units, throughout the two-day Prime Day window.

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