Best microSD card deals for Amazon Prime Day 2021


(Pocket-lint) – Amazon Prime Day is here and that means there are some superb deals on microSD cards for Android smartphones, cameras, or the Nintendo Switch.

You can get microSD cards in many storage sizes, but you do need to be an Amazon Prime member to be eligible to get the discounts.

Fortunately, you can sign up for a free 30 day trial to Amazon Prime to take advantage. You can also cancel anytime as there is no obligation to continue. Read more about the benefits in the UK here and in the US here.

microSD card deals on Amazon UK

• Official Nintendo Switch SanDisk 64GB microSDXC card – 32% off, now £14.89: Comes with Nintendo licence and a Zelda symbol on the front. View this deal here

• Official Nintendo Switch SanDisk 256GB microSDXC card – 44% off, now £44.00: Also Nintendo-branded, but with a Mario star. View this deal

• SanDisk Ultra 512GB microSDXC card – 28% off, now £96.99: A huge storage size for much less. View this 512GB microSD card deal

microSD card deals on Amazon US

• Official Nintendo Switch SanDisk 128GB microSDXC card – 34% off, now $23.13: Comes with Nintendo licence and white-on-red Mushroom on the front. View this deal here

• Samsung EVO Select 256GB microSDXC card – 30% off, now $34.99: A good chunk of storage for not-a-massive-chunk of cash. Check out this deal

• SanDisk Ultra 512GB microSDXC card – 58% off, now $74.99: A good sized card for the Switch especially. See this deal here

• SanDisk Extreme 1TB microSDXC card – 17% off, now $224.24: Huge amount of storage for pictures, games, whathaveyou. See this deal

Why you need a microSD card

Considering most modern Android smartphones, digital cameras and the Nintendo Switch require a microSD card for storage expansion, with the last nigh-on demanding one to play anything but the smallest of indie games, it’s a good idea to get a card in order to make the most of your devices.

A triple-A Switch game, for example, takes up between 5GB and 25GB of storage space, so getting your hands on a 128GB card means you can store more than 20 extra games. If you already own a Nintendo Switch you’ll know exactly how frustrating it can be to archive a game (uninstall it) just to play another.

One of the most important things to note is the speed – cards that boast speeds of 100Mb/s and above are ideal for Switch gaming, although you can opt for something a little slower if you don’t mind longer loading times.

Amazon Prime Day 2021 quick links

Below are quick links straight to deals pages for the top retailers, just in case you’re looking for something that we haven’t covered. 

Writing by Rik Henderson.

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